Community Connections

People say small churches are like families, and to some degree that’s true. If we are like families, we’re like families with a lot of neighbors. We take care of each other and our neighbors in a variety of ways.

Community Meal
On the third Thursday of the month, we gather in Zion’s Hall for games in the afternoon and then a free meal. This isn’t a fundraiser. It’s not just for church members. It’s a gift from the community to the community. Friends volunteer to cook, serve, and clean up. This is a great chance to get to know neighbors, share joys and woes, and generally be connected over a good meal. And the price? It’s free, supported by whatever donations from those who choose to give. 

East Central Regional Library Outreach services
Every other Thursday from 1:30 to 2:00 p.m., East Central Regional Library comes to bring library books to our community, using Zion’s Hall in the winter and the City Park when the weather allows in the summer.  Yes, we have library services in our small town!

McGrath Fire Department and First Responders
It’s good to have neighbors when you need them, and members of our churches volunteer to be there when emergencies arise.  Training for the First Responders happens in Zion’s Hall.

MacGregor Angels 
MacGregor's Angels have been good friends for us. This organization has sponsored community meals in Zion’s hall for a year. Now we and local friends do it ourselves.